Introducing Tese Fever – Freestyle Rap Artist from Fredericksburg, Virginia


Virginia Local Music would like to introduce Tese Fever, freestyle rap artist from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Tese began rhyming at age 8 and now, at age 26, she has refined her craft.  As Tese says, and as you will soon hear, she is “Getting better with time”.  Please read her bio then check out her track “Niggas Bleed” (a tribute to BIG) which is included at the end of this post. 

Inspired by her older brothers, rapper Tese Fever began rhyming at the tender age of 8. In fact, one of her first freestyles was to a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony instrumental in 1995. Since then, her concept has gone from a depressive lifestyle, adolescent problems, to adult reality and struggle.

She cites her parents as being huge influences in her writing. “My childhood was rough, and since I couldn’t confront them, I incorporated them into my rhymes. It was my diary.” Incorporating her parents into her rhymes made it real. And one couldn’t help but listen and follow her efforts over the years.

By 2008, on the day of her first mixtape release ‘Fever Day’, she performed for a small crowd on Georgia Avenue in Washington, DC for Listen Vision Studios Howard Homecoming event. Rapper Grafh was there watching her closely. By the end of her set, she was requested to have an encore performance. After the encore, Grafh announced on the mic to her: “Ma you’ve got it. That’s the best shit I’ve seen so far today!”

But her commencement didn’t stop there. In December of 2008, she was introduced to rapper Cassidy in a more personal setting. Cassidy forced her to spit for him. And she delivered. Her gritty punchlines and metaphors led him to say, “you killin’ em. You iller than most niggaz!” In fact, by the Summer of 2010, Cassidy and his Larsiny label even went to discuss a possible signing of her.

Having continued her writing and rhyming craft after the meeting with Cassidy, Tese went on to release her second but more notable sophomore mixtape, ‘Stance Of A Fallen,’ on October 10, 2010. With little promotion, no team, no label, and hardly any performances to promote the release, ‘Stance Of A Fallen’ was nominated for two DMV Awards- ‘Mixtape Of The Year’ and also ‘Best Female Rapper’. Having been notable in the DMV for only a year prior to, she was proud of her release and the reception it received.

She thanks her peers and fellow music lovers for their contributions to her efforts as well as their consignment. “I’m really only known out here because of the artists and music community that cosigned me. They didn’t have to do that. I love them for that. And I push this for them.”

At the age of 26, she’s still continuing her craft. “Getting better with time”, she says.
Her highly anticipated project ‘The Vintage Installment’ is slated to release this summer.

The following is a track from Tese, entitled “Niggas Bleed” (a tribute to BIG). Warning, Rated R, may not be safe for work.

You can find Tese Fever on twitter (, myspace ( and on Facebook (  Thanks for reading and as always, thank you for supporting Local Music in Virginia!