Local Music Events and Facebook


At Virginia Local Music, we get a lot of event invites on our personal Facebook pages that we would like to share on the official VLM Facebook page .  Some of these we can’t share because the “Privacy” setting on the Event is set to “Friends of Guests”.  We’re pretty sure this isn’t what you want as a musician or a venue owner/manager.  Want to know what you can do to fix this and expand your audience?  Read on, it’s actually very simple.

When you set up your event, aside from the Name of the Event, Place, Date/Time, etc, you will see a setting down at the bottom labeled Privacy.  There are 3 options there which are: Public, Friends of Guests and Invite Only.  Unless you really want your event to be a private “invite only” type thing or only viewable by the friends of the ones you invite, you really should be setting the privacy setting to “Public” for you events.  If you leave it at the default setting of “Friends of Guests” only the friends of the people you invite can “join” it.  Well, here’s where the problem lies.  Say, for example, you send an invite to me (Tommy Shine) or Angela Vicik and shortly afterwards the invite shows up in our notifications and we click on it to see what it’s about.  Well, we’re going to be very sad if you’ve left the privacy at the default setting of “Friends of Guests” because we won’t be able to easily share your event on the Facebook Page for Virginia Local Music because, guess what?  All 6000+ people on that page are not on our friends list and likely not on the friends list of the other guests you have invited.  Makes sense right?  Here’s an illustration below of what we’re talking about:


See that? All you have to do is set the Privacy to “Public” and you are good to go.  That way you can get your event out to a wider audience and that’s what you want, right?  We hope that you will remember this little tip and it will help us both!  Thanks for reading and as always, thank you for supporting Local Music in Virginia.