Happy New Year Virginia!

VLM wishes you a Happy New Year!  We are hoping that 2013 is going to bring lots of good things to Virginia’s Local Musicians and fans.  Yes it has been a LONG time but we’re dusting the blog back off and will once again be posting on a regular basis.

In 2012 we amassed 6000 likes and now have 6,100+ likes on the Virginia Local Music page on Facebook.  If you have stumbled upon our blog by chance, our page can be found here:  http://www.facebook.com/VirginiaLocalMusic .  Thank you so much for your support.  A lot of you have been with us  since we started this back in July 2010 and we appreciate each and every one of you.

Now, for your enjoyment, we’d like to present some of the “Best of VLM” blog posts.  While this list is in no definitive order, these are some of the posts that deserve a moment in the limelight.

WHAT EVERY MUSICIAN NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT COPYRIGHTS : Thinking of getting your music copyrighted but don’t know where to start?  VLM’s own Angela Vicik gives you a summary of what a copyright means and how it can protect you and your music.

Tips for marketing your band for free : Learn here how you can market your band for only the price of your time, effort and Internet connection!

The story of VLM : How did VLM get its start?  Find out here!

 5 Live Performance tips for musicians : Just what it says on the label :)

Open Mic Etiquette : General guidelines every musician that plays at Open Mic nights.

5 things NOT to do on Facebook : A good read even if you are not a musician!

The Writer’s Block : An oldie but goodie from Angela Vicik!

Thank you for reading and supporting Virginia Local Music (VLM) on our Blog & Facebook Page.  You guys & gals have been awesomely supportive  and we’re proud to be part of such a strong local music scene!  Till next time, thank you for supporting Local Music in Virginia!