Get out and listen

va music photo

From country to pop to rock, Virginia has been the starting point for many great musicians, songwriters, and singers in recent history. Whether they were born here or started their journey toward the national stage here, Virginia can not be denied as a hot bed for solid talent.


Country music legend, Patsy Cline, was born in the Shenandoah Valley. Fellow country/bluegrass artists Ricky Van Shelton, The Statler Brothers, Roy Clark, and The Carter Family are also Virginians. Put that in your corn cob pipe and smoke it, Tennessee.


If R&B/rap is your preferred genre, look no further than mega-stars Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Chris Brown, and Pharrell, who all hail from the coastal areas. Super sultry D’Angelo was born in Richmond.


Are you a rock fan? No problem. GWAR (R.I.P. Cory Smoot), Seven Mary Three, Carbon Leaf, Lamb of God, and Pat McGee Band all call Virginia the beginning in one way or another. Dave Matthews wasn’t born here, but gosh darn we are claiming him since Charlottesville is where he and his band became what can only be called a movement. Then there’s my imaginary boyfriend, Dave Grohl, who is from northern VA.


Virginia has spawned Vegas mega-stars (Wayne Newton), jazz legends (Ella Fitzgerald), pop icons (Pat Benatar), and countless other artists both stage front and in the background. There are just too many to list in a blog post. What is my point in sharing all of this? I want you all to GET OUT AND SEE A SHOW. The next time you’re having a night out and you walk past a hole in the wall joint with intriguing notes floating out into the air, go in. You never know when that band jammed up in the corner of a dark bar will turn out to be the next big thing, and you could be witnessing music history while sipping your rum and coke. You just never know.