Virginia Local Music is Proud to Present:

“The Writer’s Block”


Genesis The Greykid

This piece is the first of a brand-new series, in which our focus will be on the creative minds behind the lyrics. Using a candid approach, we will pick at the brains of some of Virginia’s finest lyricists/songwriters, and ask them where their inspirations stem from, how they fine-tune their craft, and what they hope the audience will take in from their lyrics. This series is for anyone who appreciates great music, and has been personally touched by the words of a great song.

“I think the more the listener can contribute to the song, the better; the more they become part of the song, and they fill in the blanks. Rather than tell them everything, you save your details for things that exist. Like what color the ashtray is. How far away the doorway was. So when you’re talking about intangible things like emotions, the listener can fill in the blanks and you just draw the foundation.” John Prine/American Songwriter

VOL. 1



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